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It’s never too early to start planning for college.  The hard work starts in high school.  Ideally we’d start working with your family in the fall of the sophomore year.

Your family may not qualify for need-based aid, however merit aid is based on what the student brings to the college.  

No worries, take advantage of the free consultation by calling us at 614.230-1208

While both options demonstrate interest in a particular school, Early Action is less restrictive.  Early Decision is binding.

We spend time talking with our students about the importance of fit.  Does the school fit academically, socially and financially?

The SAT and ACT are predictors for college success.  During the pandemic an increased number of schools went test optional.  Recently schools have been reinstating mandatory standardized tests.  We suggest taking the test often.  

We chose our location carefully, with the goal of servicing our local clients in an established professional setting, we were in a Regus office setting but in 2021 we moved to our current office suite in Westerville, OH.

No, we can help.  Please schedule your free consultation as soon as you can.

There are hundreds of colleges and it’s a good bet if it isn’t an ivy league, sports powerhouse or in your hometown you haven’t heard of some school.  Look at the school, does it fit your son or daughter?  

We get it.  Take a step back and set up a specific time each week to talk college.  

More and more colleges are looking for something other than good grades and high test scores.  Students need to be involved in both their school and communities. 

It might be easier to list the schools we haven’t seen.  Between being a baseball coach, scout and speaker, Marc has been to a lot of college campuses.  We are focused on our students successes, check out where our students have been accepted.