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List of Services

Our goal is to help your family succeed.  We work with parents an the student to ensure a cohesive approach to college.  

Help the student:

  • With Student Interview Sessions with Midwest College Planning
  • Access online ACT/SAT Test Prep
  • Through a series of conversations draft a school list with approximately 10 schools
  • Provide guidance on essays
  • Develop a resume

Help the parent(s)

  • Review budget and plan to pay for college
  • Analyze spending and look for ways to save money
  • Provide suggestions on how to reduce SAI and position in positive way for Financial Aid
  • Act as a guide for financial aid forms as well as submit to schools
  • Send out emails regarding status of financial aid requirements
  • Send out various newsletters and emails to keep you updated on college planning news
  • Review financial aid offers
  • Provide an apples-to-apples comparison of award letters
  • Draft an appeal letter the family will send to the financial aid office, when necessary
  • We’ll be the voice of reason when needed during the college planning process
  • We are there the whole time your child is working on his/her initial undergraduate. Our services do not stop with High School Graduation

Our client says it best:

The team at Midwest College Planning are fantastic, and I HIGHLY recommend them to help guide you through the overwhelming college process. Some of the services we took advantage of (all included) were (i) assisting with financial aid package, (ii) help identifying potential schools (local or out of state), (iii) evaluate the scholarship offers, (iv) critiquing essays, and (v) recommending tutors for ACT/SAT, etc. They even assisted us with a letter that we used to actually double our scholarship offer, which more than paid for their services. If your child is like mine, having another voice push your child to complete essays, check in on ACT/SAT studying and staying on them to create a list of potential schools, was invaluable. ~B.E., Westerville, OH