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This past year Highland High School has been fortunate to come across a great resource for our students as they plan and prepare for college. Marc Ziegler of Midwest College Planning has worked hard to meet the needs of our students. He has shown a genuine interest in our students, their families, and our community. His personal care, knowledge of the college planning process, and expreience in working with students makes him a valuable resource for families navigating the options for their child’s college.
Dr. Bill Dodds; Superintendent Highland Local Schools, Sparta, OH

I can’t thank you enough for the information and advice you have provided and work you have done for our family. I never would have guessed, when we attended that College Planning Workshop two years ago, the impact you would have on our family’s financial stability. The Bank on Yourself program you introduced us to has positively affected our day-to-day savings, our daughter’s ability to go to college and our long term financial future. As you know, I was pretty skeptical and I appreciate your patience us as you educated us in the process and answered all our questions.

We contacted Marc when our youngest daughter was preparing to go to college. We felt that we had not given our oldest daughter the best financial advantages for her college years. From our first meeting with Marc, and the subsequent meetings, he has been able to help us not only get our own personal finances in order, but also get our youngest daughter scholarship opportunities that we could not have done on our own. We are now able and prepared to help both daughters with their college bills and still be able to prepare ourselves for retirement. In addition, with Marc’s help and guidance he has been able to remove that worried, stressed-out look on my husband’s face. We can not thank him enough for all he has done.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for leading my family through the difficult financial aid process. My family started with you a year and a half ago to help our oldest daughter through the college selection process. This also included guidance on admission, financial aid and scholarships. By profession I am a golf course architect and consider myself a very detailed and knowledgeable person. Before this process began, I had no idea how difficult this process would be; and without your help along the way, I am sure I would have made both time-consuming and costly mistakes. For this upcoming school year, your company also has helped my youngest daughter go through the same process, and with the same success. I sincerely believe you have helped our family save time and money, and get my daughters in the colleges of their choice. Without your help, I am not sure if this could have happened. Thanks for your support and guidance.

We met Marc and his team when our younger daughter was a senior in high school. We had fumbled our way through the college financial planning maze for two years when our first daughter headed off to school. Now, with two girls in college and a recession moving in, we knew we needed help! Marc and his team stepped up to the plate and helped us in more ways than we could have imagined. No question was too trivial. And their help was invaluable when it came to working our way through the maze of FAFSA forms, scholarship applications, creative financial approaches, and planning. Marc met with us several times and helped our daughter develop a financial plan that she could implement. The recession has now had a serious impact on our family business, and Marc’s focus has not waivered. His uncompromised focus is on ensuring that our daughters get the college education they deserve, and that we weather this storm to the well-planned retirement we thought had gone over the transom. Kudos to this outstanding team of professionals – and friends! – and thank you so much for the peace of mind you have given our family!
-BECKY L., Dublin, OH


I want you to know how very pleased we all are with your services.  You used your experience and expertise to guide us through a maze that was unfamiliar and intimidating.  Thank you to you and your wonderful staff for helping us along the way.

Thank you for taking such good care of our family, Marc.  If a potential client ever asks to speak with a satisfied customer, please feel free to have them call me.  You will receive the very highest accolades on your promises, delivery and performance…directly from The ‘White’ House.

-Harry W. from California

I was at a baseball showcase watching my Grandson Hunter play when I heard Marc Ziegler’s presentation of how his company Midwest College Planning could be a part of dealing with the financial maze that already seemed totally intimidating and I hadn’t even started.  I had to wait a few days to speak to Mr. Ziegler but I was sold and all I wanted to do was give my credit card number and get on with it. Mr. Ziegler did not let me rush him he made me think about what Hunter wanted to achieve and how to maximize both his academic and baseball choices. He met with Hunter at another Showcase and had a few phone calls with him as well.

I chose to use Midwest College Planning to avoid the hassle of filling out forms and that has been taken care of perfectly. Get your tax returns, send them in, answer a few additional questions and that part is done. But what I have come to know is that is the least part of what Midwest College Planning offers. Send in a draft of the dreaded College Essay and they will give you helpful hints and suggestions. Confused about how to answer a particular Coaches’ question Mr. Ziegler will get right back to you. When the acceptance letters and financial and academic awards come in they will go over and give you insight into what it all means. Whenever I had a question I shot off an email either to Mr. Ziegler or a member of his staff and I got an immediate response.

I bless my lucky stars that I heard Mr. Ziegler’s presentation over two years ago and took action. I tell everyone it is the smartest decision I’ve made and the thought that for the next few years I have them beside is the best part. I can not recommend this fabulous service highly enough.

-Joy H from  California

My Family cannot thank Midwest College Planning and Marc Ziegler enough for the sound advice and guidance he has given us with our children’s college planning and our personal financial planning with the Bank on Yourself Program.

Midwest College planning takes the stress and fear out of the college planning and financial process, and allows you as a family to appreciate and enjoy the journey of your kids going to college. To our Family, it is money well invested for the help and assistance Midwest College Planning provides us.

Futhermore, Marc’s knowledge of understanding our wants desires in helping them attend a place that is best for them is second to none. Marc has exceptional insight to understanding what is best not only for the parents, but also for the student attending college.

I also have the privilege of working with Marc at the Colorado Juniors Prospect Camp. Marc provides excellent options and advice at a workshop he provides for free to all the parents of the players in attendance. Marc understands all of the rules and regulations of the NCAA and makes our Prospect Camp a legitimate place to receive information pertaining to college planning.

Without question, I would recommend Marc Ziegler and Midwest COllege Planning for any parent who has questions in their heart regarding what they should do, and how will they pay for their kids college education. Thank you Marc for being such a good friend to our family.

-Shane Fugita, Assistant Varsity Coach, Dakota High School, (CO)

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since that amazingly lucky day when my husband and I met Mr. Marc Ziegler and began working with the Midwest College Planning team.  I remember feeling completed overwhelmed with all the responsibility the senior year of high school would present, college visits, SAT’s and preparatory courses, the application process, the twelve drafts of the application essay, and finding time for classes and sports.  In our case the college pursuit was even more complicated because our son wanted to play baseball, however, I wanted him to attend a top tier school (or at least one of the top schools in the Princeton Review).  Our son was taking advanced placement classes and I was working full time and taking care of my mother who had a stroke three years prior.  Time was precious for us and I desperately needed a life line through this whole process, and I found it – his name was Mr. Marc Ziegler.  I had the usual trepidation related to facing additional costs at the beginning of the most expensive year of our son’s life, yet Marc and his team have been worth every penny we invested, in triplicate!  He has been a voice of calm in a sea of chaos, knowing exactly what I needed to do and by when.  He and his team have gently plodded me through critical deadlines, with gentle reminders all along the way, throughout the senior year.  He had an uncanny ability to deal with my stress and anxiety in a firm, yet compassionate manner, in order to refocus my efforts in a productive and forward thinking direction.  It was kind of amazing that by February, I stopped questioning Marc since everything he told me worked out exactly as he had planned it would from the very beginning.  When you deal with anyone on his staff, you are greeted with exceptional customer service, insightful and knowledgeable staff and incredibly helpful materials and on line resources (which has made the geographic differences in our locations- New York to Ohio- completely transparent).  We have utilized nearly all of the services they provide and they have continued to surpass our expectations.  Marc has connections all over the continental US and was able to engage with us as we sorted through various schools and tried to determine the “best fit” for my son and the coaching style of the head baseball coaches.   We have been incredibly well served by Marc and his team, and look forward to many more years of working with him as we navigate the financial details of paying for college.   I have worked for an ivy league institution for 22 years, and Marc knows far more than I ever will about negotiating the complicated waters of college admissions and planning.  I will be eternally grateful to Marc and his team, and cannot say enough about their knowledge, outstanding service orientation and complete commitment to the success of their clients.

I can’t say enough about Marc.  I have been a University Professor for 25 years and Marc knows ten times more than I do about college admissions and funding.  He provided unknown opportunities for my son at several outstanding colleges and as a consequence my son is now a student at a highly ranked private college.  There are numerous testimonials about Marc’s tremendous assistance to families throughout the entire college selection, application, admissions and financing process, but Marc goes beyond this. One might expect that once the student enters his/her college, Marc’s job is done.  However that is not necessarily the way Marc sees it.  Since my son is in college in Ohio and we live in Florida, Marc makes it a point to check in with him periodically.  This is what has impressed me the most about Marc. He really cares about his clients, including both the parents and the students.  His ultimate goal is for all “his students” to be successful and happy and he will offer whatever assistance he can to ensure this, including being available as a resource throughout the student’s college career.  As far as I am concerned, the best bargain related to my son’s college education is Marc Ziegler.

My husband met Marc at a local baseball camp for high school ballplayers where he was speaking to parents of college-bound students. We started searching out the right college for our son beginning in the middle of his junior year of high school. Our concerns at the time, was to find a school offering the major he was seeking, relatively close to home and could be afforded. That in itself was not too difficult a challenge, but we also faced having to find a college that also had a solid baseball program. As the hours turned to days, and days to months, panic started to set in. The truth was we were not able to get the job done without Marc Ziegler’s help. With Marc, everything went smoothly and on time. He helped our son pick the school of his choice, assisted us in planning how to pay for it and kept us focused so that we completed the entire process before his senior year was up. We did exactly what Marc told us to do. Marc not only solved all of our issues, especially the financial ones, he also spent quality time with our son discussing his future and how to get the most out of his college experience. We could not have done this without Mr. Ziegler. We still have a 13 year old at home, and Marc will soon be planning for his college future. We are now able to enjoy life and sleep nights knowing that Marc is taking care of one of life’s milestones.

Marc, I don’t know how I can ever thank you for changing the lives of my children and for the better future you have made possible with Midwest College Planning. You have opened a door we never knew was possible. I always assumed that going to college in California was the only way to go. My eldest son is studying non-stop; I have never seen him so focused about school because he never imagined that he would get the chance to play college baseball. What an amazing future he will have because the school has an engineering program that will start him on the right path for his future. He feels rejuvenated. His acceptance letter is on the wall above his bed. I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given my family.

Perhaps Marc’s best quality is positive attitude that allows one to totally trust him. Having now worked with Marc Ziegler for three years, I only wish that I had met him when I was 22 years old instead of 52 years. Not only has he helped me obtain both scholarships and loan money for my two children in college, but he has also helped guide me with in my retirement plan.

I knew my son, Zack had Ivy League dreams and when they recruited him this summer his dreams came true. But my Ivy League headaches just started. As the owner of a small business, I was worried about how I was going to afford the $55,000 it would cost each year. Marc suggested ways of organizing my business to present the best possible picture to the awards committee.

When I met Marc at the TPX Showcase in Hartford, I wasn’t going to go listen to him speak. But I thought what have I got to lose, a half hour of my time? It was the best 30 minutes of the weekend. I learned so much about the financial aid process.

I realized that Marc could present my case better than me, he would contest the award if he felt it was too low, he would make sure all the deadlines were met and he would save me many thousands of dollars and hours over the four years of college. Passing the headache of FAFSA and CSS filing to him was worth the dollars spent.

When my son turned five years old, I started to wonder how I would pay for his college education. At the time there where not many ways to save and many did not leave me in control of my funds. When my son was ending his sophomore year of high school, I looked at what I had saved and still wondered how I would pay for his college education.

After meeting with Marc, he has put my mind at ease on how to save and pay for college. In one simple suggestion he saved me from wasting $1500 dollars. His simple advice and guidance has helped my son review colleges and put a plan in place. He even has my daughter, who is freshman in high school this year, talking about what type of college she would like to attend. I am glad that I went for the talk by MidWest College Planning on how to make my money work for me.

The college planning process is very involved and more than a little intimidating. I found that Marc Ziegler’s knowledge and expertise helped make the experience much less daunting. Marc along with the support staff of Midwest College Planning have been there for us every step of the way, answering all of our questions with patience and understanding. I will continue to recommend him to all my friends.

Thank goodness we found Midwest College Planning when we first started looking for Colleges and Universities for our high school senior. We didn’t know the first thing about the application process or how to apply for student aid nor did we have the time to learn. Midwest College Planning assisted us every step of the way, and now our son is going to a great University that we never thought we could afford. The best move we have ever made was hiring Midwest College Planning to help us take care of everything.

My son attended a TOP96 baseball camp in Boston.  We had a great experience and he was convinced he wanted to continue to play ball AND attend a top notch school.  During the parent portion of the camp, Marc Ziegler spoke about the college process, and I was sold!  I was certain that he was going to be able to help us make our son’s dream a reality.  We returned to Iowa and hired Marc and Midwest College Planning, to help us navigate through the application and appeal process, as well as completing the FAFSA and offering assistance to strengthen our financial position.  The support we received from this group of people has been outstanding and such a huge benefit.  They helped us every step of the way and I am certain that without them, our son would not be attending a premier university and having the opportunity to live the dream that he has worked so hard to attain.

I first met Marc Ziegler at a Top 96 Baseball Showcase in the summer of 2009 and it completely changed my life and that of my twin boys who were just completing their Junior year of high school. After some initial hesitation with hiring Marc, my wife and I decided to employ his services and it was the best decision we made in the college process. Marc eliminated all of the stress in our lives with dealing with the forms and financial nuances of some seventeen colleges. After visiting all of our kids schools and dealing with the athletic recruitment of both our boys for different sports, Marc was able to assist us in negotiating great financial packages for both boys. There is no doubt that without Marc’s help our packages that were put together for both our children would not have happened. It is comforting to know that Marc will remain involved in our lives as our children complete their college education. In hiring Marc Ziegler we did not hire a service we gained a trusted friend and confidant that who will forever remain a part of our family’s financial future and security.


I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Marc speak at several Top 96 Events over the years and can attest to the fact that nobody in the business does this job better than Midwest College Planning. There are plenty of ” College Planning” organizations on the market these days, but nobody takes the time to get to know the families, discover their financial parameters, and find the right “fit” for each and every student than Midwest College Planning. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Marc and Midwest College Planning for many years to come.
-MICHAEL BARRY, Southern Virginia Univeristy, Assistant Baseball Coach,Buena Vista, VA 

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ziegler at a Top 96 in Iowa 5 years ago. I started working with Mr. Ziegler and Midwest College Planning as soon as I could. As a former coach, Marc understands what families need to make sure an athlete has a chance to attend the college that best fits their needs while limiting the financial hardship. The investment in Mr. Ziegler and Midwest College Planning is well worth your time and money.

-Dan Davis, Truman State University., MO

The TOP 96 runs 50+ baseball clinics across the country each year. We serve over 3,500 high school players looking to take their game to the next level. An important part of the college selection process for parents and players is trying understand the application process, athletic scholarships, financial aid etc. For the last three years we have utilized the services of Marc Ziegler, President and CEO of Midwest College Planning and his associates to run college funding seminars at all of our camps to help parents begin to understand the process.

Parents thank us all of the time for bringing Marc in to speak. Marc adds a tremendous value to our camps and helps us differentiate our clinics from the competition. I have had two sons play baseball in college and I wish had know Marc back then. I would have saved a lot of money.
-DOUG HENSON, Director, DeMarini TOP 96

This summer I had the pleasure of hearing Marc speak at one of the TPX clinics here in Iowa. I have been coaching at the college level for 20 years and had never seen a presentation like this geared toward helping families. What impressed me most was how he presented his knowledge as well as the major benefits any family could obtain. There are certain things that come along and you wonder why someone else had not thought of it before. Marc did that with the best presentation I have heard and clearly demonstrated the ability to help any family applying to college.

Midwest College Planning and Marc Ziegler do a terrific job of working with prospective high school student athletes. They effectively communicate with players and parents about all aspects of financial aid. Marc also takes time to discuss expectations and additional concerns with ball players. We are thrilled to be working closely with MCP and look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

What I appreciate most about Marc is well-rounded experience of the recruiting process. As a successful college coach, he spent plenty of time speaking with high school students about their goals for college and beyond. He has a tremendous baseball mind, but his biggest asset is how much he cares for people and seeing them reach their goals. If you spend one minute speaking with Marc, you will understand how much he cares about seeing people succeed.

I have been involved with Marc and Midwest College Planning for about three years now through his involvement with our DeMarini Top 96 event. The service he provides for all students and parents is invaluable! Especially for private institutions like the University of Redlands, where many student athletes and their parents believe that a private education, at a great institution like ours, is out of the financial realm of possibility. Marc explains the financial aid process and how, in most cases, a private education can be more affordable for the middle class family. I highly recommend Midwest College Planning and their services.

I have known Marc for a lot of years through his college coaching career and now with Midwest College Planning. He really wants to help families and prospective student-athletes find and help them afford the college of their choice. With the economy the way it is and colleges having to raise their tuitions to support the current economic times you must plan for college. Marc and his staff will prepare you for college and you will find you have more options than what you thought were imaginable for your son or daughter.

I have had the opportunity to hear Mr. Ziegler speak many times to parents throughout the country and he brings to the table lots of knowledge that student athletes’ parents need to know. Being a former coach, he understands what needs to be done to give an athlete a chance to be able to attend college without financial hardships. I know it is well worth your time to listen to what he has to say and let Marc give you some good information that will help your family make the right choice for your child’s future.

Through my involvement with DeMarini Top96, I have had the utmost pleasure of being around Marc and the great service he offers families through Midwest College Planning.  What Marc is doing for families, in terms of the quality information and financial guidance, is second to none in this field.  Marc and MCP work dilligently to give parents and players real insight into how to “win” at figuring out the finances surrounding college attendance.  As a former college coach, Marc uses his experience to help his clients find their “right fit” and has personally helped me land some of my best players.  For every student-athlete looking to be successful in college; Midwest College Planning is the truth and Marc Ziegler and his services are the way!
-JEREMY SHEETINGER, College Division Liaison, Association of Baseball Coaches

I had the opportunity to listen to Marc speak at a Top96 camp, and as the former Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator for a Division One University, I knew I had to get him to be part of our camps and clinics.  Now as the Head Coach of Bellarmine University, the most prestigious Catholic university in the south, it has become paramount that we include Marc in all we do.  The decision to use Marc was very easy-when it comes to financing the cost of higher education, he has the plan to help you achieve your goal.  When you ask what type of college or university best suits your son or daughter, he has the answers because of his tireless efforts spent in the trenches getting to know college coaches of all divisions.  Marc can speak from two very important perspectives-coaching and advisor, in my opinion those traits are found only in a select few.  Continued success to Marc Ziegler, and Midwest College Planning.  Continue to call me with prospective student athletes that you think are a fit for my program!

Midwest College Planning, LLC has been a welcome addition to the Southern Maryland Baseball Camps. Marc E. Ziegler’s knowledge about college planning has assisted many families to achieve their goals of attending college on an affordable basis. He brings a unique ability to discuss how to plan both academically and athletically. Knowing Marc for over 10 years, I know he has integrity, and it’s a relationship I intend to keep for decades to come.


Over the past five years I have been able to work with Marc E. Ziegler & his staff at Midwest College Planning LLC. They have always maintained a high level of professionalism & have been able to assit players and their families in  Academics as well as financial process of planning for college.
Todd Interdenato, Spartanburg, SC