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Just for seniors

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If you are a senior or parent of a senior, this blog is for you.  The fall is all about admissions and financial aid.  It seems as though we hurry up and wait (and wait).  We advise you to touch base as a family once a week–talk about the acceptances and in some cases financial aid.  For clients we ask you send us all the information they receive including acceptance letters, deferrals and financial aid offers.  Once we receive the information from each school we will put together an apples to apples comparison.  

Seniors the important thing is you need to make a choice by May 1.  You’ll be overwhelmed by notices about enrollment fees, reserving space in a dorm, deposits, visits and so much more. We are here to help you sort through these things.  

Senioritis is real, don’t let it derail your future plans.  Sometimes scholarships are based on your GPA so keep up those grades.  Each year there are news reports about students who made a poor decision and lost not only a scholarship but in some cases admission is revoked so stay focused.  

Enjoy the last few months of high school.