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Campus Tours

When visiting a college campus, the following are questions you should ask:

  1. What is the student/teacher ratio?
  2. Do you have study hall programs and tutors if needed?
  3. What are the meal plans? Is there a cash option?
  4. Does the school provide shuttles to the airport?
  5. Does the school offer book rental options?
  6. How is the security set up on campus?
  7. Where are the locations of Banks and ATMs?
  8. For athletes, what is the graduation rate of your sport?
  9. Are there indoor workout facilities for the winter/inclement weather?
  10. What is the best reason why I should attend your school?

When touring the school, be on the lookout for the following:

  1. Keep an eye out for groundskeepers. Are the grounds being maintained?
  2. Look for cleanliness and maintenance upkeep in the buildings, residence halls, and cafeterias.
  3. Make sure to note the general feeling of the school campus. Do you feel comfortable and safe there?
  4. Be sure to eat a meal on campus (and without the tour). Ask random students what they ilke best about the school, and what they wish the school would improve on.
  5. And finally, and most importantly, does your child feel comfortable and safe on campus? Be sure to ask your child their impressions right away, and take notes. If you have more questions as a result of your trip, contact the school.

Keep notes! Take pictures!
As time passes, it will be important to have them to refresh your memory of the visit.