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Questions Students Athletes and Parents Should Ask Recruiters

Gary Vaught, Head Baseball Coach University of Indianapolis

  1. How long does my scholarship last?
  2. Does my scholarship include work study?
  3. How many credit hours can I take per year with this scholarship?
  4. For what reasons could I possibly lose my scholarship?
  5. Can I have transportation on campus my Freshman year?
  6. How are roommates chosen?
  7. Where will I live?
  8. What are your tuition and room and board charges?
  9. Does the scholarship include the cost of my books?
  10.  Are meals provided in this scholarship?
  11. If I’m injured will I automatically lose my scholarship?
  12. Will my fifth year be provided if needed with this scholarship so that I may graduate?
  13. Can I take summer classes? Will they be covered by this scholarship?
  14.  How many players do you carry on the roster?
  15. How many other players did you recruit at my position?
  16. How many classes will I miss during the season?
  17. How does the team travel?
  18.  What is your conditioning program like?
  19.  How many assistant coaches are there?
  20.  Is tutoring or study table time provided or required?
  21.  When does school start?
  22.  What G.P.A. is required for eligibility?
  23.  What equipment is provided by the university?
  24.  What time are practices and how often are they?
  25.  Will you help me find a place to play in the summertime?
  26.  What scores on SAT/ACT are required at your university?
  27.  What is paid on my visitations to your university?
  28.  Does your school offer assistance in locating internship opportunities?
  29.  Does your school offer assistance with job placement and resume building?