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Resolutions Kept= College Success

Welcome to 2022! Each year we make resolutions, how many of us actually have kept those resolutions? From making healthy choices, learning a new language or adding a few thousand steps to our day, we all strive to be a bit better in the new year. Let us help you keep your financial and academic goals, we will coach you and in some cases, nag, until we get your plan solidified.

For our college planning clients: We ask that you complete the initial spreadsheet from the welcome email. We ask that student athletes complete the profile form. If you are a senior, share the admissions acceptances and financial awards. Underclassman, sign up for the next standardized test. Here are the links for ACT and SAT sites.

For our retirement and insurance folks: Let’s touch base, make sure you are staying true to plan and we have the correct contact information.

If you aren’t our client, sign up for that free consultation. Simply email or call and we will get you scheduled.

With the current state of the virus, we are meeting with fully vaccinated individuals in person, otherwise it is a phone call.

We are here to support your financial and academic goals.