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Softball Scholarships

Are you a softball player?  We would love to work with you and your family.  We start out by gathering information from student’s GPA to parents’ income.  When finding the school where the student succeeds, we have to understand your family’s unique situation.  Academically is the student on track with the NCAA core courses?  Athletically, does the ability match with the goal?  We are talking Division 1, 2 and 3.  This is a hard discussion, but it is one that we will have with parents and athletes.

According to the NCAA there are approximately 389,206 High School Softball Players.  Of those players, 33,494 will continue playing softball as student athletes in college, roughly 8.5%.  

If we factor in the changes brought on by COVID, with current students being red-shirted and coaches not able to have camps or visits, the next year or so may be tough to navigate.

Breakdown of Scholarships by level

Division LevelNumber of TeamsTotal AthletesAverage Team SizeScholarship Limit Per Team